Club Triples – The Results are in!

After a brilliant weekend of draw bowls, tap & lay bowls, trailing the jack, glides and wicks, full on firing and two wrong biases (Brian N & Richard D) by previously regular members of the CP Wrong Bias Club, we now have our finalists!

Gary, Peter M & Gordon secured their victory over Kevin K, Chris P & Richard D on the extra end.
On the other rink this afternoon, Peter J, Ian D & Steve G took the win over the Teddington Triple of Victor, Jonathan & Gerard.
An exciting final lies ahead on Finals Weekend of 6th/7th April.
Of course the competition would not work without any players but the organisation by Stella S, Dave R & Brian C not only doing all the draws, setting up the rinks and providing teas/coffees and homemade sandwich lunches over the weekend has been wonderful . They must be exhausted tonight!

Jane was on hand both days to open up, keep us hydrated with both soft and alcoholic beverages and lock up. Thank you.

Well done to all competitors and supporters/ spectators who made it a real club event.

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  1. kevin keown says:

    A big thank you to Stella and her team for organising and running the Triples weekend and of course Jane behind the bar.

    • Stella Spaulding says:

      Thank you Dawn and Kevin for your kind comments. It has been a pleasure. An undoubted learning curve, again, so will be better again next year.

      • Dawn Slaughter says:

        Great job, Stella. Glad you’re in the swing of competitions and are going to have another go next year. It does take a couple of runs to find out what works best for the competitors and the organisers.

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