Day 16 – Tier 2 – Updated – Mars Bars and Drinks!

The EIBA are going to update the clubs later but I think from Thursday, it will be pretty obvious!

We will close the club from Guy Fawkes Day until Wednesday 2nd December and will update you should things change.  There are all four rinks available today, tomorrow and Wednesday, so if you want to play, check out the rink booking tabs on the Home page and see if you can fit a session in.  If you do, there is a good selection of drinks, Mars Bars and snacks on offer for donations as they are at sell-by date – or will have passed it by the time we return in December.  I bought a Mars Bar on Friday and am still alive, so they’re ok!  Go to the round table in the dining room – I know you will be pleased to pay with cash on this occasion!

If you’ve recently had a look on the calendar pages, the updates are … all November matches are cancelled but we will play Bishop Duppas on Saturday 5th with Triples if we’re allowed to.

Indoor Competitions – 2019/20 and 2020/21.  All the dates will change again, so watch this space!  We’re not going to be defeated over this setback!

There may be a once-a-week delivery of a home-cooked two-course meal but we are still in discussion about this.

I unexpectedly (and briefly) was able to see George H in West Middlesex last week.  His legs are swollen and he has to spend his time between walking up and down the ward and resting them up on pillows.  He was awaiting the doctor’s visit and I have had no further news since.   He said it was unlikely he would bowl this side of Christmas.  I said they way ,things were going, we could all be saying that!  He said hello to everyone, anyway.

Meanwhile, Laurence is in Kingston Hospital on antibiotics possibly waiting surgery.

Neither of our chaps have the virus, so at least they haven’t got that to cope with as well.  Phew!


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