Day 8 – Tier 2 – Opening for Indoor Play

We know some of you will have been missing your indoor bowls for the last week.
We now have the option of booking to play either solo or singles, the latter if you meet the government criteria of “no mixing households indoors unless in a support bubble”
We appreciate that not everyone wants to play on their own but we are trying to accommodate as many playing members as possible.
If you agree and meet these terms and conditions, there are a few more restrictions in place, but here we go!
Rink slots available:
10.00 – 12.00 Rinks 1 & 3
12.00 – 14.00 Rinks 2 & 4
14.00 – 16.00 Rinks 1 & 3
16.00 – 18.00 Rinks 2 & 4
18.30 – 20.30 Rinks 1 & 3
Please book your rink slot online with your name and your partner’s name if there are two of you.  You cannot just turn up and bowl.   (Select the day and rink first before you select the time slot)
Arrival Procedures
Please do not arrive more than 10.00 mins before your slot time.
No more than one household in the lobby area at a time – please wait outside.  One or two people won’t take long to sanitise their hands
No more than one household in the changing room at the same time.  Collect your bowls/shoes and go straight to the appropriate changing destination table.   Sign in and leave your vouchers on the round table.
Please keep your face covering on until you’re ready to bowl.
The usual disinfecting processes need to be followed during and following play.
If only one rink is in use, please do not put all the rink lights on and turn them off as necessary after use (having sanitised your hands of course!)
Unless there is no one playing after you, please finish 5 minutes before the session end time so you can clear the rink before the next session starts on the adjacent rink.
As soon as you have returned your bowls/shoes to the changing room, please leave through dining room door straight away.  The bar will not be open – sorry.   Just give us a bit more time on this one.
The number of chairs at each table have been reduced, so there is even more space available.
If you can keep your rink bookings down to 2 mid week for now, it will give as many people who want to play a chance.  However, if there is a spare slot within 24 hours, you can book it.
All the above is plain common sense and should enable you to keep further than the recommended 2m social distancing. 
We will try it for a week and see how it goes.  It would be good if we dropped back to Tier 1, but we’ll have to wait and see.
Please ensure you have a warm top with you.  The heating will be on but probably not as high as usual and with only a few on the green, it will feel chiller.
(If  you’re rolling up on your own and 2 hours seems an endless thought, you can purchase books of 1 hour vouchers.  If there is no one at the club who can serve you this week, please put “IOU – 1 hour” next to your name and then we can sort it out later.  This week will just be a bit odd! )
f.i. Both Century IBC (where the Middlesex Indoor President plays) and Sutton IBC are open as well.
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