Did Dave P Learn to Play Bowls in Australia?

Dave Pitt has the longest backswing I’ve ever seen on the bowls green, which doesn’t seem to change whether indoors or outdoors.

It was commented that the Australian coaches are now teaching players to use a proper backswing as part of their delivery even on faster rinks.  If the bowls continue running beyond the jack, you can to reduce the amount of backswing to bring the weight down.  On a golfing holiday about 35 years ago, we were told that when you were chipping the ball out of the bunker, the most important part of the swing was the follow through.

Sarah and Scott – out latest qualified coaches – what is the new idea on delivery?  Do you focus on one more than the other?

For us bowlers, then, do you find adjusting your backswing or your follow through to improve the weight (length) of your bowls?  I was told if the bowls were landing short, then take a bigger step forward.  What’s your best tip?  Whatever works for you might be helpful to someone else.


I didn’t see a lot of the first Ladies Match Play semi-final but Katherine Rednall looked well in control after the first set 12-4.  Nicole lost the second set 1-9 but hopefully it was better than the scoreline suggests.

Last night’s second semi between Cerianne and Lisa Featherby didn’t start off particularly well with neither player playing to the form of their quarter-final matches.  (You see, it happens to them and they have off days too, just like we do!)  The commentary was somewhat lacklustre and something along the lines of “it’s a shame there isn’t any music” was suggested.  Then Cerianne caused the whole arena to burst out laughing as she delivered a wrong bias!  She laughed about it too but did go on to win the first set 8-6.  Lisa gained a bit more form in the second.  Hopefully Cerianne will be back on her Mixed Pairs A game when she faces Katherine Rednall in the final at 1:00 pm this afternoon.

Last year’s Open winner, Les Gillett went out in straight sets to Jason Banks (brother of Carla Banks who has appeared in previous World Bowls Championships).  He had a sparkling 7th end in the second set picking up 4 shots.  That doesn’t often happen at this level of play.  It looked a good match overall.

In the other men’s tie, Stuart Anderson, who had a magnificent game in the Mixed Pairs Final on Tuesday, wasn’t exactly rubbish yesterday but didn’t make it over the line against last year’s semi-finalist Wayne Wilgress.  Wayne is a very exuberant bowler after playing a great shot and his supporters are just as loud!  The tie-break was very exciting indeed. It would have been a great final but there are still more rounds to go!



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