Duty and Service

Wow, wasn’t there a lot to take in yesterday and, taking everything into account, the previous 10 days.  The disbelief, the crowds, the flowers, the emotions and The Queue.  There will never be another one like it.

Amid the grandeur, it was good to hear that simple services were going on around the country.  Ray V reported

We went to Richmond Service for The Queen Sunday Evening at St Mary’s Church Twickenham. Sat in the second row behind Munira Wilson MP Sarah Olney MP mayor of Richmond, the leader of Richmond Council and various other VIPs. The service had a similar format to the main one at Westminster Abbey but at least two mentions of corgis and horses.

I think maybe we were all hoping for horses and corgies somewhere as both meant so much to Her Majesty.  It was wonderful to see they had been included not only at small memorial services across the land, but also when she arrived at Windsor. with her favourite pony, Emma, and the corgis Muirk and Sandy.

The removal of the sceptre, the orb and then the crown followed by the laying of the banner by King Charles III and the breaking of the rod by the Lord Chamberlain ended the Elizabethan age and put the final closure and farewell for the general public.  The lone piper. It was a very symbolic and moving, creating more tears.  For the family, I am sure they need the remaining 7 days of mourning so much.  All the mourning since The Queen’s death was announced has been in public with cameras all over the place.  They all did so well, holding it together, just as the Queen would have instructed them.  All credit to Her and them.

20 million of us watched the funeral on television, then there were the 2,000 guests at Westminster Abbey and 800 at Windsor.  Adding the thousands of people lining the streets in London and all the way to Windsor, I wonder if the total was near the 4.1 billion predicted when you take in the rest of the world?  We shall probably never know unless we have to enter details on the next Census.

Today seems like a new start of everything. New day.  New King. New Prime Minister. New Police Commissioner to name but a few. It was different.  Or was it my imagination …..?


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