EIBA Updated Guidelines for Indoor Play from 19th July

For those of you playing indoors, here are the latest guidelines from the EIBA:


Road map out of COVID-19 Restrictions

With the Government announcing that Step 4 of their road map out of Covid-19 restrictions will commence on Monday 19th July 2021, we wish to advise Indoor Clubs of how this would affect them.

This notice is to aide preparations as the formal guidance issued by the Government, which the EIBA uses to shape its guidance has, at this time, not been updated to reflect the announcements earlier this week.

As soon as this guidance is available, we will be able to review and issue more detailed guidance, if appropriate.

From Monday 19th July: –

  • There are no restrictions on participant numbers indoors which means that all formats of the Indoor Bowls will be permitted.
  • Social Distancing measures will be removed.
  • There is no legal requirement to wear a face covering when entering and walking around the Club. However, the Government expects and recommends that people should continue to wear them in crowded and enclosed spaces.
  • There is no legal requirement to collect contact details. However, it is advised that an NHS QR code is continued to be displayed for participants who wish to check in via the app. If a QR code is displayed then a system for collecting (and securely storing) names and contact details for those who wish to check in but do not have access to a smartphone or prefer not to use the app.
  • Continue to keep in place hygiene measures to reduce the risk of transmission such as hand sanitisers around the club.
  • Maintain the existing cleaning regimes for areas which are touched often and equipment, such as the mats and jacks in between sessions.
  • The tradition of shaking hands pre and post match to be left to the individual participants at that time.
  • For the bar and restaurant areas there will be no restrictions on numbers allowed to sit or stand in the area and table service is not a requirement.
  • Remind members and visitors that if they are displaying COVID-19 symptoms (cough, temperature and loss of taste / smell) they should not enter the club.
  • Provide adequate ventilation by ensuring a flow of fresh air through natural and or mechanical sources.

However, with many Clubs already operating limited schedules and or have summer leagues operating under Step 3 restrictions the EIBA believe consideration for these to continue as is until the end of the summer arrangements would be prudent.

In advance of the more detailed guidance being published please contact me via email peterthompson@eiba.co.uk if you wished to discuss this matter further.


Yours sincerely

Peter Thompson,

Chief Executive

15th July 2021

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