Exciting News for Sarah!

…… for Sarah and her team mates and her club mates too!

With a nudge from Ange this morning to check the Middlesex Handbook and following confirmation from Jacquie E; by reaching the Final of the MIddlesex Triples yesterday, Sarah has won her Middlesex Colts’ Badge!  At the end of the season, all those who have reached the finals of selected competitions or have accumulated enough points over the years, will be invited to play in a County Friendly next summer after which their badge will be awarded. (Ange achieved this in 2019 for her award in 2021 – thanks to Covid writing off 2020)

With any luck, with other competition wins, Sarah might be able to earn enough points for a Full County Badge by the end of the season.

Congratulations, Sarah.  Were really proud of you!

Audrey is also knocking on the Colts’ Badge door with her accumulated points, so we hope you will also have enough to get an invitation.

There will be a lot of ‘red coats’ at Cambridge Park but please make a note that we’re not “Hi-de-Hi-ing” nor providing the entertainment other than on the green this year or hereafter!


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  1. Jean Staples says:

    That’s great news for Sarah!! So pleased for her as she is such a superb lead and the County are in need of leads ! Cambridge Park will have such a strong group of County players in the ladies Section!

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