Friday Again!

Are the weeks rushing by or dragging?  They say time flies as you get older.  Have the last 15 weeks flown by for you?

Tomorrow (Saturday) a CP IX will be venturing down the A316 and onwards to play the Bishop Duppas Committee IX away at 1.30 pm.  Next Saturday different teams from both clubs play at Cambridge Park at 3.30 pm.  We’re looking forward to the challenges.

A list of ad hoc fixtures is on the calendar page and we hope some of you will be along to watch at least the home games.  The bar should be open for those.  I’m awaiting confirmation of other times/days it will be open.

On one of our work zoom meetings, the question was thrown into the ‘room’ re going to a pub tomorrow when they open.  The majority said “no” which sort of surprised me.  Sitting in a pub garden in the evening sunshine with friends and chatting sounds appealing to me but I wouldn’t want to sit indoors.  Do any of you have views either way?  There is no right or wrong answer.

The only things we all have to do is keep hand washing regularly, keep using anti-bac gel, keep sensible social distancing and stay alert.  It would be awful to go back into lockdown having worked our way through the easing of restrictions in the last few weeks.  It makes you feel very sorry for the people of Leicester.

Phone a friend and keep smiling!   Hope to see you at the Club soon.


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