Friday – National Championships – It’s the Oldies Turn!

A brilliant run by the Ladies Pairs yesterday with Kerry & Lou from Ashford making the quarter-finals and only just losing 14-16 after a great comeback.

Both the Men’s Triples went out yesterday with the Bounds Green team making one further round that those from Broomfield.

Today Kaz Ryan & Sue Butcher take to the green in the Senior Ladies Pairs v Leicesgtershire at 13:00  vand Dave Pitt & Attilio take on the Buckinghamshire pair at 10:00 !nd hopefully make their second round which would also be at 13:00.

Good luck to all of them!

Ladies Singles, with our own Cathy Taylor and Brentham’s Tonia Gann, start on Sunday.

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  1. Peter says:

    Congratulations to Dave and Attilio for getting to the last 16 – commiserations for losing that match.

    Seems hard on the seniors having to play 3 matches in one day to reach the semi-final.

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