Gold Stars to the Red Shirts!

  1. We had a great day at the Johns Trophy & Walker Cup trials. Trevor cut the green early this morning and Terry set it up for us.  Top dogs were definitely Norman and Sarah who did a brilliant job with making cups of tea/coffee, sorting out the food, clearing up and washing up and being hospitable and helpful ALL DAY!   It made such a difference to the day leaving us to concentrate on bowling. The Middlesex Executive were highly complimentary about the hospitality from the Club by the three in their red centenary shirts & Jane working the bar too.  Thank you so much.

Having had a warm up with most of us playing two matches today, some of us are off to the Two Bowls Singles Competition tomorrow at Ashford, West Ealing, Bush Hill Park.  Several of the other CP players are taking on Chertsey in the afternoon where no doubt Norman will be excelling in winding the opposition up and taking their minds off the bowling!

We learned that Norman & Steve G had a brilliant win against Ashley & Matt L from Ashford (both in Middleton Cup Squad) last night and we hope this is the start of a long run for them in the Men’s Pairs.

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  1. Jane says:

    You beat me to it in thanking Sarah and Norman. They were brilliant, helped me, and left the kitchen in a good state. It felt like the whole club pulled together. Great.


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