Happy Tuesday!

A few of  us were having a chat at the weekend and over the last couple of weeks, we’ve hit a bit of a low.  Is it because we’ve spent 1/4 year in relative or mainly isolation and it’s just another week too much?  Are we programmed in 13 week sections?  I don’t know the answer by the way.  I know personally I’m fed up of having to think what to buy and prepare mealwise. There’s no fun in it any more and the large selection of cookery books on my shelves aren’t inspiring me.  Of course, it might help if I open them!

It looks like the social distancing will be reduced to one metre.  This will be such good news.   I’m not necessarily talking about bowls but for everyday life – much easier to hear someone when you’re a bit closer!

Those who have been in complete lockdown will have a chance to get out for a change of scene.  (There’s only so much decorating and cupboard cleaning you can do!)

What is the first place you would like to go to?  Hairdresser?  Restaurant?  Holiday?   Where would you go?  What’s your idea of paradise? I th ink some of you have holiday homes/time shares in other countries.  Is that where you would go?  Assuming you like travelling, would you get on a plane yet?

Family.  My brother can’t wait to give his grandchildren a hug.  His daughter and husband have 4 children so either Clive or his wife have been able to go in their daughter’s garden but one adult has to be absent with the total number being allowed is 6.  They’ve all found this almost harder than not being able to visit at all.  Strange isn’t it?

Anyway, I’m curious to learn of your top five ‘first things to do’ list.


PS  Caught up with the British Sewing Bee last night.  Sorry to see Liz go but the final will be interesting.  I think Claire has the edge but that has happened in Bake Off – one seems to lead all the way through then falls at the final hurdle.  Just another 36 hours to wait to find out.

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  1. Shirley Oakes says:

    Hi Dawn

    I am really looking forward to visiting a Chiropodist, have done my own treatment – very badly. What with not reaching that far down and not really seeing what I am trying to do. If hairdressers are allowed to re open it surely must be the same for Chiropodists.
    Our holiday in lovely Swanage in early June was cancelled and has been rebooked for first week in September. We love Swanage and have been going there for years loving the slow pace of life.
    On Fathers Day we spent time with our son and daughter-in-law in their garden along with other family. We thought it unique there was 3 generations of Oakes fathers present. It was such a wonderful day and one for the memory bank.
    It is great that step by step the bowls club is opening up again and people are venturing out more.
    Thank you again for all you do

    • Dawn Slaughter says:

      Thanks for your news, Shirley.
      It was lovely seeing both you and Tony last Saturday. Hope you can make this Saturday too when we play Teddington at 3.30 pm
      Chiropodists – I think I wouldn’t mind going there either! Maybe they’ll open when the pools and gyms are open. They must be safer, surely?
      Swanage is lovely. Well, Dorset is a lovely county. It has a great ambience, although I’m sure Norman C would say Devon was better. Each to his own!
      Fathers’ Day sounds like a lot of fun and brilliant that you could all get together in the garden. You’ll be able to do it all again indoors if it’s raining next time.
      Keep your news coming.
      Dawn x

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