Home Counties Final Middlesex v Kent – Sunday 14th April

Cambridge Park is well represented in the Home Counties Final tomorrow at Sevenoaks with Steve G, Peter T, Kevin, Andy & Will representing the County.

Good luck chaps.  You can’t all be on the same rink (someone might notice) so enjoy playing with the other team members.

Meanwhile, at Westlecot IBC in Swindon, Duncan and 9 others are taking the final examination of their Level 2 Coaching Course.  We wish Duncan and the others well.  Level 2 coaches can coach up to county level so this will be beneficial to all the players in the respective clubs.

Dawn is acting as a student for 3 of the candidates and will first be learning how to fire (accurately) – notes say to take the jack back where it would be impossible to draw – now that would be a handy skill; secondly,  drawing to an off-centre jack and thirdly is a mystery session.  How to control your mind would be useful!

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