Indoor Leagues – Final Tables

Well done to David H for running the indoor leagues again this season as well as to everyone who took part
If you were like us, we had days when we played well and others when we didn’t have the run of the green!  Hey ho!

Final tables are below and the prize winnings are as follows:-



No. of Teams in the league 1st 2nd 3rd
Monday evening Rinks 5 £48 £24 N/A
Tuesday evening Triples 5 £36 £18 N/A
Wednesday evening Rinks 4 £40 £24 N/A
Tuesday afternoon Triples 5 £36 £18 N/A
Thursday afternoon Triples 8 £42 £18 £12

So, the Prizes are:

Monday League

1st                                                     Rebelmasters                £48

2nd                                                    Martello                           £24

Tuesday Afternoon League

1st                                                     Rolling Stones                £36

2nd                                                    Beatles                             £18

Tuesday Evening League

1st                                                     Everton                             £36

2nd                                                    Arsenal                            £18

Wednesday League

1st                                                     Rytons                              £40

2nd                                                    Vikings                             £24

Thursday Afternoon League

1st                                                     Stags                                £42

2nd                                                    Bees                                 £18

3rd                                                     Robins                              £12

These prizes will be given out in due course.

Well done to David H for running the Indoor Leagues again this season and to everyone who played.  We had good games when we played well and not great games when it definitely wasn’t our day.  I’m sure it was the same for all!


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