It Was a Win All Round!

Well done to everyone who contributed to the Middlesex Bannerette from Terry & Ann, Ange & Scott, Norman, Gordon, Sarah, Audrey, Jane for their pre-match work to everyone who played and those brave spectators who stayed to the end, despite the drop in temperature to the samosa and pakora donation from Lynde House.  On top of that, it did not rain!  We arrived in sunshine but the cloud appeared by the time we got onto the green.

It was really good to be on the green with friends and fellow county players who we haven’t seen for over a year.  We all like competitive bowls!  Tricia, Gym & Dave who went into the final end 16-16.  Although I didn’t see it personally, I gather Dave’s final bowl was a triple wick giving Cambridge Park a win.  We’d like to think he played for that shot (he is certainly capable), but he gallantly admitted it was lucky!  They were up against strong opposition, so well done.  Top rink was Ann H, Kevin  & Audrey who not only won our ‘prizes’ but, as Middlesex didn’t have a winning rink, Brian Hearn (the Middlesex President) awarded our three the Middlesex top rink prizes.  As we won the match, we will be invited to the end of season dinner to receive a wooden shield marking the occasion.

Scott was busy clicking away so we should get some great photos in the next couple of days but Norman (in his Cambridge Park Centenary shirt) and Brian Hearn welcoming everyone to the match and a photo of our spectators going wild with the excitement of the game!  Joking apart, it was lovely to see Jean, Nadine, Margaret, Beryl, Jacquie, Marie, Corale, George, Lucy, Tina & Mike as well as Ann & Terry silently cheering us on.  Ann had a brilliant idea of getting fish and chips for those spectators who wanted and I’m sure that helped keeped them warm.  In between doing that, Ann also raised £20 for the club when she ran two of the football cards.

Norman & Brian, the MIddlesex President, Welcome the Teams to the Bannerette


A Happy Band of Spectators!



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