It Was Bowls and it was Big!

Well done to Sarah for masterminding the Cambridge Park Open Afternoon in conjunction with the Bowls England Big Bowls Weekend imitative.
However it wouldn’t have worked so well or been such fun without all of the members who came along to help meet and greet, share some skills on the indoor and outdoor green, chat to all our visitors from around the Cambridge Park area as well as Nicole and James who came down from Bowls England to meet everyone.
we had several of the visitors signing up to Sarah’s free 3-week coaching course. We are sure they will all enjoy it and get as hooked on bowls as we all are.
Special thanks to Karen and Jacquie E as well as Jane who was kept on the go all afternoon serving drinks from the bar. Hope all of you are putting your feet up with a well-earned glass of wine tonight!

Thanks to all who attended. Lovely to see so many of you enjoying the sunshine, bowls and chatting.

Open Day in conjunction with Bowls England’s Big Bowls Weekend

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  1. Andy says:

    Well done Sarah I know you put many hours into organising it, also well done to all of you who were able to help out (unfortunately I was working this weekend) but a great effort by everyone, let’s hope we get some new members ????????????

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