1. Jean Staples says:

    No never forget !! My dad was unfortunately killed near the very end of the War – my mother left with my sister & me at 5 & 1 year old ! The Remembrance shown at the football matches I’ve seen have been very moving .

  2. Andy H says:

    Having served, this time of year is a chance for all of us to remember those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice fighting for not only ours but those of other nations freedom.
    I have lost friends in recent conflicts and have others that suffer the after effects but it always amazes me that we still all come together as a nation to pay our respects.
    I consider myself lucky that I have met and served alongside some of the finest men and women that this great nation has produced.
    I am also lucky enough and immensely proud to have a place marching past the cenotaph again this year along with fellow veterans I will take that opportunity to pay my deepest respects.

    • D J Slaughter says:

      Thanks, Andy. Many of us are indebted to what our parents and grandparents went through in the first two world wars.
      The more recent conflicts are just as relevant and devastating to all who were involved.
      Really appreciate you highlighting the more recent conflicts which affect so many of our younger generations.
      We are proud of you and all the others for the service you have given to our country and we cannot ever thank you enough.

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