MIddlesex Indoor Finals – 3 Silvers and 1 Gold!

We all had very good games at MIddlesex Finals yesterday. Peter & Peter we’re behind then scooped up a 5 which put them into the lead and all was going well until the Bounds Green Pair took a 5 towards the end of the match and our boys just couldn’t quite catch up.

they were disappointed, of course, but the photo does make them look rather miserable but they weren’t. They’d had some very good wins to get there in the first place!

Tina and Teresa were close but we’re playing catch up most of the game. Even if they were holding, Sandra, the Lawns’ skip kept snucking a shot in. Very cruel on the occasions it was her final bowl!

In the Mixed Fours, Andy came in to sub for Steve on the day. That’s not easy for either the team or the sub but it did not deter them and their drive to regularly hold shot. However, the Hounslow four with their skip (Dave Pitt) continually playing brilliant shots to win the ends (drat and double drat!) , left the result with a score difference that definitively did not show the standard of play throughout the match.

It was with some fearfulness Dawn went on to play Sandra W-M in the Singles Final. (She had watched Sandra’s drawing shots in the Pairs!)

The match was pretty neck-and-neck up to 10-10, then Dawn put up a just-over- minimum length jack and took 5 shots over the next two ends. Sandra managed just won more shot before Dawn’s short jacks paid off again and she took the title 21-11. It was a good time for Dawn to play one of her best games of the season!

Middlesex County Indoor Badges were awarded to Teresa, Tina, Tricia, Dawn, Mike, Andy, Peter & Peter.

Congratulations also to Dave Pitt on Winning the Men’s Singles (out of Hounslow IBC) prior to the Mixed Fours win.

Thanks to Graham D for his support and to Jacquie for her support from afar.
Thanks to Glebelands for hosting the Finals and their hospitality.
Thanks also to Andy Docker and Angela Frankland for organising the whole competition programme and Andy Docker for the photos .

Peter T, Andy and Dave are representing Middlesex in the Home Counties League Final this morning at Camberley. Good luck to them and the rest of the Middlesex boys.

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