MIddlesex Indoor Finals – Saturday 15th April

For those of you playing and those wishing to come and support your fellow Club members, the MIddlesex Indoor Finals will be at Glebelands on Saturday. Order of Play below.
Good luck everyone!


Glebelands I B C is just off the A 406 North Circular Road, near the A1 turnoffs.   Summers Lane , N12 0PD

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  1. kevin keown says:

    All the very best to those playing in the Middlesex Indoor Finals tomorrow and also to the Middlesex Team playing in the Home Counties Indoor Final on Sunday!

    I’m laid up with Covid so can’t make it to either!

  2. Jacquie Elkin says:

    Hi, Folks,
    Has anyone going to Glebelands got a spare seat for a supporter?

    I’d like to be there to support but don’t fancy driving by myself.

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