Monday 23rd October – Indoor Leagues Start

Hope veryone is looking forward to the start of the indoor league season.
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday evenings and Tuesday & Thursday afternoons. There are still teams looking for extra players in their squads, so please let David Hale know if you looking to join a team.
Squads are usually 6-8 people so the rotas allow you to play regularly but not in every match – in case you’re concerned about commitment.
Looking forward to seeing everyone more regularly.

The men lost to Hounslow in the Denny Cup yesterday so now go into the Plate competition.
Next Saturday afternoon we have a mixed friendly v Chertsey and on Sunday morning, it’s the National Egham Trophy first round v Hounslow.

PS. Don’t forget the EGM on Thursday at 7:00 pm!

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  1. Shirley Oakes says:

    Hi Dawn

    I thought I would mention that Tony will be 90 year on Wednesday 25th and he is very proud that amongst family helping him to celebrate will be four generations of ‘oakes men’ ages rangingfrom 90 years down to 5 years, quite an achievement.
    For the past 5/6 weeks he has had a badly infected foot and has not been able to get around very much, thankfully things are much improved and he is hoping to start going to Roll Ups very soon
    Hope you are keeping well

    Best wishes

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