More Wins and This Week’s Diary

Congratulations to Sarah & Lucy who are now in the semi-finals of the MIddlesex Ladies Two Bowl Pairs competition.  They head off to Ashford next Sunday 1st August.

Congratulations also to Dave Pitt who is through to the Men’s Championship Final v Glen Adams from Hendon, also next Sunday but at Hendon.  Sunday will see the pinnacle of the Middlesex Men’s Competitions and those who will be representing the County at Leamington.  We’re routing for our Senior Fours with Steve G, Norman, Laurence and Gordon (if he’s back).

In the South MIddlesex League which, fortunately for us, was rained off after 10 ends, as we were definitely getting whopped off the green by Staines.  Well done to them as on our rink, they certainly played a lot better than we did.  Gym, Steve P and Ange (roped in 15 mins before the start of the match and 20 mins before it started raining!) claimed top rink – they got more shots than the other three triples put together.  It was really a bizarre afternoon!

On Tuesday, Steve G & Norman face Laurence & Gym in the MIddlesex Area Semi-final of the National Over 55 Pairs at 2.00 pm at Cambridge Park.  It’ll be a really good competitive match, so please go along and watch if you can.

On Wednesday at 6.00 pm, Sarah, Tricia, Ange & Dawn play Liz Dutton & co from Fordbridge Park in the fourth round of the Middlesex Ladies Fours at Cambridge Park.

(Wednesday’s friendly v Staines has been cancelled.)

On Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings, there is the usual outdoor roll ups from 10.00 – 12.00

On Tuesdays & Thursdays, there are the indoor roll ups.  The numbers are quite small at the moment, but they’ll be pleased to see more of you if you cannot play outdoors.

On Friday, there is the usual Friday Night Club roll up, organised by Brian C.

On Saturday 31st July, the Ladies play in the Quarter Finals of the Middlesex Double Rink Competition.  One rink Home and one Away v Brentham.

Have a good week and I hope you all got through yesterday’s deluge.  I think we were slightly luckier than the east side of the capital.

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  1. Jean Staples says:

    A great news post as usual Dawn! Just to add Nadine & I play at Ladygate tomorrow morning at 11.30 being a neutral green against Bush Hill Park – we don’t expect supporters but know it would be good for the club as well as us !!

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