Morning Campers …. and Others!

A mixed day yesterday. Kevin, Maureen, Scott & George as well as Ann H, Terry P, Gary & Dave P being the only 2 winning rinks in the morning.
With the rest of the day to ourselves, we sorted out other activities with Laurence and several assistants trying work out the draws for the CP Table Tennis, Table Football & Kerling. What happened to all those ready reckoners that use to accompany handbooks in the old days? We had to resort to modern technology and Google! His next job is trying to find a suitable time when all 44 kerling players can get in the Sports Hall without Potters putting on Welly Wanging or Pickleball or Segway!

A few of our bowlers took themselves upstairs for coaching with Greg Harlow and Andy Thompson.  Ann B was told she should try extending her backswing but not as much as Dave P!  Did they tell him to shorten his backswing I wonder?

Our 17:05 afternoon league gave us much better results with 6 winning rinks, one draw and 4 losses  Yippee!

No wins on the Bingo on Monday, nor, I believe last night

The show last night was amazing  “Simply The Best” with songs and dances from all the previous Potters Shows including Nessum Dorma, Barcelona, Mamma Mia, Les Miserables, We Will Rock You, Riverdance, James Bond Themes and a wealth of other productions too. Brilliant!

Tonight it’s Variety Night

To set you up for the day, a sunrise and approaching sunset from yesterday so you have idea of our outdoor surroundings


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