Nationals Update

Just a quick update on National comps

On Wednesday Dawn lost her Two-Bowl Singles to Yaz from Egham – a pretty convincing win for Yaz. Dawn would have done a bit better if her bowls had decided to hit something instead of finding gaps!

On Thursday, Tina & Dawn took on Kylie & Doreen from Egham. After a tight start, The CP duo were 7-5 up then the following end Kylie drew in 4 good (well, brilliant) bowls and Egham picked up a 5 even though our bowls were in the vicinity ! The following end, Dawn’s running bowl clipped the edge of a short bowl and shot across the head missing everything except our nearest bowl. Another 5 dropped. Aargh!

The rest of the match was tight with one or other side scoring 1’s or the occasional 2 and Tina & Dawn went down 11-20.

The World Bowls Championships from Potters start today so we will be putting our homework in and gaining inspiration for the weekend.
Tina has her Over 60’s Singles v a Croydon opponent on Saturday afternoon and plays with Dawn again in the Over 60’s Pairs v Teresa & Jacqui on Sunday.
Meanwhile on Saturday the chaps are out in force for the Regional Final of the Denny Plate v Sutton. Two teams home, two away starting at 10:00. Supporters very welcome at both venues.

For the World Bowls, you can watch live streaming via the link on the World Bowls Facebook page – the official link.
I will give fuller details over the weekend for matches and viewing.

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