Notes for All Members Following the Board Meeting on 4th August 2020

There was a meeting of the Cambridge Park Board yesterday and these are the highlights for all members to read.

  1. Members are advised that Ange Cumine has been welcomed and co opted onto the Cambridge Park Board

2.  Everyone entering the Club will be required to sign a Track & Trace form.  Forms will be held in the office at the end of each day and destroyed 21 days later.

3. The Board decided to make the Club cashless (see exception in 3 below) from Monday 10 August.

4.  Membership cards are now available and will be given out to all members. These cards can be loaded with funds by credit card or cash and can be used to pay at the till.    These cards will be available for collection from Monday.

5.  All drinks should be ordered and paid for at the bar which now has a safety screen fitted. The bar is scheduled to be open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 12.00 pm to 1.30 pm  and other times according to events and matches as required.   A one way system is in place.  Please follow the signage.

6.  The Board has approved an increase in bar prices which will take effect from 1st September. In general this will be an average across the whole range of around 10% to 11%.

7.  Members are permitted to use the dining area following safe distancing guidelines.

8.  All other areas of the clubhouse remain closed.

9. The Board decided to aim for starting date of the first week in October for Indoor Bowling.  This will give time to make necessary health/safety arrangements (e.g. a deep clean of the whole clubhouse) .

10.  Indoor and Combined Membership Subscriptions will be advised at a later date.

11. A booking system for indoor is being considered similar to that used outdoors.  For those not able to access the internet, a telephone number will be provided.  Roll up sessions from Mondays to Fridays from 10.00 am – 12.00 pm will be fixed.  Other playing slots must be booked in advance.

12.  Indoor play permitted to start with will be Singles, Pairs and Triples.   24 players maximum subject to all government and EIBA advice.

13.  The Board has agreed an increase in Indoor green fees for next season.  These are £3.50 for a 2 hour session or a full game.

14.  Members will be required to buy books of Green Fee Vouchers.  10 x 2 hour vouchers for £33.00 (£2 discount) or £16.50 for a 1 hour sessions. Visiting players will be asked to pay £3.50 by card payment.

15.  The Tree Company is scheduled to work on the Boundary trees from 19th to 28th August and members are advised that there may be restricted parking during this period.


If you have members on your phone-a-friend list who do not have internet access, please would you relay this information to them.







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  1. Stella Spaulding says:

    Sorry maybe my maths is failing me! You say green fees for indoor bowls will be increased to £3.50 but members MUST buy books of vouchers for £33!

    • Dawn Slaughter says:

      Hi Stella
      I will go and check post again. For books of 10 x vouchers for 2 hour sessions, there is a slight discount ie £33 not £35. Does that help?

      • Stella Spaulding says:

        No. Post says green fees are going to be increased to £3.50 but members MUST buy books of vouchers for £33 which means each session is £3.30. You can’t have it both ways. Either the session is £3.50 or it is £3.30. Maybe the word MUST should be changed to CAN.

          • Dawn Slaughter says:

            Please don’t shoot the messenger! I have asked the Board to reply to your comments, so it can be clarified!

          • Dawn Slaughter says:

            I’ve had confirmation from the Board that it would be best (but not compulsory) for members to buy a book of 10 vouchers. They have now dropped the discount that was being offered, so 10 vouchers = £35 for 2 hour sessions/games or £17.50 for a book of 10 vouchers for 1 hour sessions. You can purchase 1 session when the bar is open, but if the bar is not open and you don’t have a voucher, then you will need to ask one of your ‘team’ for a voucher and refund them personally.
            Vouchers will be posted in an envelope into a specific box as everyone used to do with their cash.

            Turning into a ‘cashless’ club is a big step but it is an important one in reducing the risk of transmitting the virus (which is not going away soon) from person to person handling the cash.

            Although there will be an online booking system, Track & Trace sheets need to be signed by every person playing. These are filed in the office at the end of the day and destroyed 21 days later. This is the same system used in pubs/restaurants etc.

            Scott is busy designing the vouchers and the first draft looks good!

            The club is moving forward into the 21st century with all its advantages and disadvantages. We’re all learning that we have to adapt and be flexible to accommodate the “new normal” in our daily lives from disinfecting every surface to serious attention to hand hygiene to wearing face masks as required. We want to keep you safe and keep you bowling and the Board is doing its best to fulfil these aims. The Club does not exist without its members and every one of you is important so your views and comments are valued.

  2. Stella Spaulding says:

    Thank you for the response from the Board. I have emailed further questions and look forward to the Board’s further reply.

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