On a Positive Note

This National Lockdown may mean we cannot open for bowls for a few weeks but, in the long run, we should be safer as more vaccinations will be done during this time.  Gerry is still on for his second jab soon.   Hooray!

(I looked online and there are now more than 12 million ahead of me in the queue, so it’s looking like May rather than end February!)

Exercise is reduced to once a day and locally, so pick your moment well i.e. avoid rain!

Elite sports can still go ahead, so let’s hope that the Just World Indoor Bowls Championships can still go ahead from Friday morning and viewable on live streaming via links on previous post.  For those of you who love your football, that should be going ahead with various matches on television


The NHS are looking for Volunteers in various roles.  Check out nhsvolunteerresponders.org.uk to see if you think you can help others.  It seems to be about 2 x 6 hour shifts per month

Our glasses need to be half full, not half empty and remember a friend is just a phone call away.



PS  Anybody thinking of re-decorating their house again?  Barry & Teresa?!

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    • Dawn Slaughter says:

      Thanks for the question Steve.
      If you go to omnicalculator.com Vaccine Queue Calculator, you just have to enter a few details. I’m sure the dates will change as more vaccines are rolled out – let’s hope so!

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