Party Time!

Well done to Ange, Scott, Ann & Terry, Jane, Gordon, Jacquie and Marie for all their help at the Christmas Lunch/Party yesterday.

The new caterers – Terry (not M!) and Paul – did a great job and the meal was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The atmosphere was jolly and Christmassy and we all felt well and truly fed and contented as Ange and Scott tried to drum up some karaoke-ers!  Not a lot of luck there, but stand up bingo was just about managed.

Good to see Corale, Brian N, Kevin, Ginn, Bernard & Joan amongst those on the ‘dance floor’ – I use the term loosely!  I think we have a long way to go to get to anywhere near Strictly beginners’ standard but if we all enjoyed it, that is all that matters for now.

The raffle went with a good swing with a few people being drawn for more than one prize.  Good for them!  The little extras on the table were well received.  Someone, I’m guessing Ann M, spent a lot of time tying up favours in little cellophane bags.  Thank you.

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  1. Jacquie says:

    Thank you, Dawn,
    You quietly got on with the clearing up whilst the rest of us enjoyed our mince pies. I’m sure it wasn’t a karaoke avoidance move!
    Really enjoyed the entire afternoon.
    Thank you Angie, Dawn and Ann

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