The days of hanging a piece of seaweed out of your window to get the weather are long gone.   Thanks to technology including GPS systems, the weather forecasts are now much more reliable.

Please don’t go out unless you have to.  Snuggle down with tea, the Olympics and your favourite films.  Of course some will have to go out – to work, to medical appointments, to care for a friend.  Make sure you take an additional layer of clothes and a thermos with a hot drink.  You may not need it but you might see someone else who does.

Good to know that those who have been under the weather (no pun intended) and/or hospital are on the mend.  We hope to see you back at the club as and when you can pop in for a visit – don’t come today, though!


The GBR Men don’t play the final v Sweden until tomorrow morning but the Ladies play their semi-final around midday today.  Enjoy!


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