RIP Bridget Almond -Former Cambridge Park Ladies Captain and Member and Former President of Middlesex Ladies Bowls

Message forwarded by Nadine.


Hello Nadine
I am writing with some very sad news.  Our beloved Auntie Bridget passed away on Tuesday morning, 18th June.
As you know she had been ill for some time, but had battled through, as I am sure you would know she would.  Bridget was admitted back into the Horton Hospital in Banbury a couple of weeks ago, but unfortunately her health declined over the two weeks.  
We are setting up a lovely page with the funeral directors in her memory.  It is in the very early stages at the moment.  There will be a lot more photos added shortly, but here is the link and you can check it again in a few days.  I think it is a lovely idea and think Bridget would approve.  Tribute to Bridget Ann Almond, 18 April 1937 – 18 June 2024 (
With kindest regards,
The ‘younger’ as in newer members of Cambridge Park won’t remember Bridget but she was an excellent, devoted Club member and strong bowler.  She was hot on etiquette and, personally, I learned very early on in my bowls career, that as a lead you DO NOT stand in the head when the 3’s and skips go to bowl and various other things that as a novice I didn’t know.  However, if no one tells you, you will never know and wonder why the rest of the team are muttering about you under their breath!   I learned fairly quickly thanks to Bridget and had great respect for her commitment to the club as well as a bowler.
Bridget moved away from the locality several years ago to nearer her family in the Midland area and regularly popped down to see and support Nadine, Jean, Ann and other members of the Middlesex ladies when they played at Leamington.  It was always good to see her amongst friends.
For those of you who remember Bridget, feel free to post a comment and Nadine will be happy to pass them on to Bridget’s niece.
Our sympathies to her family.
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  1. Ann Dale says:

    So sorry to hear the sad news. I personally learnt a lot from Bridget I actually took over her Bushbabies Monday evening league team when she left the Club. Archie and I send our condolences to Brigets family.

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