Saturday 11th (not 18th) December – Yetton Plate v Havering at 10.00 am – Home & Away

As promised, we’re back on bowls news today.

The ladies venture forth into the next round of the Yetton Plate.  New opponents to CP members – Havering, based near Romford.  The two away rinks have an early start from Cambridge Park!


Sarah, Ann D, Lucy & Jean

Tricia, Frances, Ann B & Teresa


Ange, Corale, Joan & Ann H

Tina, Audrey, Marie & Dawn

Greys with club shirts

Havering IBC:  Harrow Lodge, Hornchurch Road, Hornchurch, RM11 1JU.

Reserve:  Katharine

Although Havering is a bit of a journey for supporters, the home teams would very much like to see you throughout the morning.  The bar will be open from 11.30 am until 1.30 pm-ish if you would like a drink between watching the ladies and heading off to do Christmas shopping!

For players and supporters, please wear a face covering when you enter/exit and move around the clubhouse whether at Cambridge Park or any other away venue.   The EIBA has now sent out more guidance yesterday afternoon saying face coverings are mandatory from Friday 10th December for 6 weeks, although the situation will be reviewed again after 3 weeks.  When bowling or seated, the covering is not required.  Thanks.


Fingers crossed we’ll be able to raise a glass or two on Sunday at the Christmas lunch as a celebration of a win.
Sunday will also be an opportunity to raise a glass to absent friends and family. Some of you may know that Terry Macey lost his Mum last weekend. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how old your Mum was, it is still very hard to take in. We send Terry, Ann and family our love and deepest condolences.

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