Saturday 8th – Match v Sunbury Cancelled

Message from Alasdair:

This Saturday’s friendly against Sunbury has been cancelled due to us being unable to field enough players. Next week we have two friendlies on Tuesday 11th June Away at the Hurlingham Club then on Wednesday the 12th at Home against Hampton. At present we are well short of required teams for both matches. We’ll wait until Friday 7th before deciding if we can fulfill these fixtures.
Understandably with commitments to National, County and Local competitions we appear very stretched when it comes to fulfilling all our friendly club fixtures. In recent times Home fixtures have been less of a problem than Away but now our last two home friendlies have been cancelled by us. I will now look at the possibility of reducing the frequency of our remaining friendlies well in advance. I welcome any feedback or advice so please get back to me.
Thank you. Alasdair.
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  1. John C Eve says:

    Thank you Alasdair,
    This is all very frustrating and naturally there is a serious danger that Cambridge Park will find it even more difficult to secure match bookings going forward as our credibility as a club is becoming increasingly tarnished.
    I would like to add that it has taken a lot of time and effort to put together a worthwhile program of friendlies and league matches and it would be excellent if more members found it possible to sign up and get involved.

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