Saturday 9th December – Get On Those Blue Suede Shoes and Raise Funds for Cancer Research!

Elvis hasn’t entered the building yet but he will be swinging by on

Saturday 9th December at 7:00 pm

in the second Night with Elvis raising funds for Cancer Research,

organised by Peter & Gill Chapman.

If last year’s event is anything to go by, the tickets should sell fast

as everyone had such a great time!

£12 gives you entrance and food.  Bingo will cost extra.

So don’t be lonesome on the 9th. Come and gaze at the bald heads and wish they had hairDon’t be cruel though.

It’ll be an evening with a little less conversation because

you’ll be rocking around the clubhouse.

It won’t be a blue, blue Christmas because you’ll be always on our minds and no one can help falling in love with you or a Hound Dog!

Book your tickets now, It’s now or never!

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