Summer 2020 Three-Way Triples Competition

Audrey, Colin H and Ann B ran a very good Three Way Triples Competition with two triples from each of Cambridge Park, Strawberry Hill and Teddington.  They competed on three occasions, once at each club.  Audrey’s match reports are on the News page if you scroll down.

Yesterday, Dawn was pleased to award the Trophies to the 2020 Team Captains.  Which club will win next year?


Summer 2020 Three-Way Triples Awards


For Ann, it was her last year at Strawberry Hill – 11 years playing and the last 5 years as Captain, doing a great job.  It was such a shame that 2020 was their club’s centenary and of course all the wonderful line up of extra matches were cancelled.  The President’s Day is on Saturday and I’m sure all the Cambridge Park and Teddington members along with Strawberry Hill members wish Ann all the best for her outdoor bowling as she moves to Bishop Duppas, which is much nearer her home.  However, she will be back at Cambridge Park, as will the other two for the indoor season.

PS  Colin was very happy, honestly!  It’s a shame the position of the sun didn’t allow us to have a brighter photo

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