Sunday 13th August and Middlesex are Back on the Leamington Greens

After a quiet couple of days, Middlesex are back in force with the Men’s Pairs and Ladies Triples.  Unfortunately neither competition features any Cambridge Park players.

Verye arly for a Sunday morning, at 09:00 Tony Waller (he who does a brilliant job on the Bowls Middlesex Facebook page) & Chris Harris face a pair from Westlecot.  Although on the A green, it’s not A1, so won’t be live on streaming, in fact as far from the video as they could get on the green, A6!

Glen(da) Adams & Norman Warley from Paddington are also out at 09:00, playing Bucks on E green.  This is difficult for the Middlesex supporters running from one end of Victoria Park to the other to cheer our lads on!

Once they’ve finished, the Ladies Triples gets under way at 1:00 pm with Kaz  Ryan, Sue Butcher & Megan Hunt from West Ealing facing a Yorkshire side on A5, at the same time as Brenda, Janet & Terri from Broomfield take on Northants on E green.  A good day for Middlesex supporters to get their 10,000 steps in!

Success for either of the Men’s Pairs, see them back on the green at 5:00 pm.  For the girls, the 2nd round of the triples is on Monday.

Tony Waller does a brilliant day’s round up on FB and the Middlesex Bowls website.  Check out Leamington 2023 Blog on

Have a good Sunday!

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