Sunday 30th July

Firstly good luck to Tina & Cathy and Karen & Jacqui who are currently (at 09:20) limbering up their limbs, polishing their bowls and focussing their minds on the tasks ahead.
Both Karen & Jacqui are in the quarter-finals of the Over 55 Singles followed by the quarter-finals of the Over 55 Pairs playing together. Success in both puts them through to the semi finals this afternoon.
I am sure Karen has packed several hands of bananas to get them both through the day.

Our club match is against old friends – London Civil Service. Play starts at 2:30 and spectators welcome.

As an update from yesterday, Lucy & Dawn won their first Two-bowl Pairs match very comfortably against a less experienced pair from Sunbury and Karen & Jaqui won their first game v Hurlingham Park after picking up a very useful 4 on 13th end.
Karen & Jacqui then faced Lucy & Dawn which was a very close game going to the extra end which saw Karen leaping up and down in excitement as they took the win. They played well and deserved it! They are now in the semi-finals in 3rd September

Let’s hope that winning streak stays with them today.

Sarah couldn’t team up with Lucy yesterday as she had the Regional Final of the National Champion of Champions at Gerrard’s Cross. Alas, it wasn’t her time to get to Leamington this year but it was absolutely fantastic getting so far in the competition.

Lucy & Dawn are both moving and packing boxes like mad. Dawn is moving locally but Lucy is heading over to Ireland with Merve & Mabel. We shall miss them all but I’m sure they will be back to visit.
Lucy missed Sarah yesterday as her long term Pairs partner as they have been a very successful team over the last couple of years especially in all the county competitions. They started a trend and now Karen & Jaqui have picked up the baton and are following in their footsteps

For a final splurge, Lucy had teamed up with Jacqui & Karen in the South Middlesex Triples and they may be playing that this week. Steve, Tricia & Dawn are playing their game in 10th but at least it won’t be against our other triple!

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