Thanks and Middlesex – Men’s Competition Draws

Thanks to everyone who came along yesterday morning and did their bit to help out.

If I can remember everyone, there was Margaret B, Graham D, Beryl B, Norman, Sarah H,

Terry & Ann M, Gordon, Ange, Scott, Gym,

Shirley & Tony O, Brian N, Brian C, Derek R, Peter & Gill C, Peter A, Barry and Gerry.



Good to see Kevin, K, John E, Frances & Bob, Colin H, Alan B who were collecting their bowls ready for the outdoor seasons at Hampton, Strawberry Hill and Teddington.  Also good to have a brief catch up with Dave & Brenda S.

Thanks to Gordon and Jane for serving the drinks.

It was so much fun, we can repeat it all tomorrow (Friday)!  10.00 – 12.00 pm with drinks to purchase afterwards – bring your Membership Card, Debit or Credit card to pay.

The outdoor online rink booking system is now LIVE!  David H has been liaising with our web host to get us up and running and adding the indoor rink booking when pairs and triples play is allowed.

If you’re intending to come to the Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning roll ups, there is a maximum of 24 allowed on the green until we get to Roadmap Step 3, when hopefully we can have 48 on there!  David H has blocked booked these sessions for the roll-ups.


The Middlesex Men’s and Mixed Draws are now available on – click on the link on their home page

The National Competition draws have been published for almost everything now on


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