The Dangers of Lockdown – As seen from a Physio’s Perspective

No 1 – tripping over tree roots whilst running or looking at your phone whilst walking!
No 2 – slipping down the side of a bank whilst running!
No 3 – lower limb injuries as a result of running for the first time  in ages!
No 4 – not lifting your leg high enough getting off the bike and then slowly falling down to the ground …. with the bike between your legs!
No 5 – coughing, sneezing (hayfever) and putting your back out!
No 6 – at last … sorting the garden out but as a result have developed lower back and shoulder pain!
No 7 – at last … DIY and now you have shoulder pain!
No.8 – at last – spring cleaning involving moving furniture around and clutter up and down stairs, reaching up into those top cupboards in the kitchen – neck, shoulders, lower back pain and grazed elbows!
No 8 – working from home, sitting at the computer all day and/or desperately trying to finish a jigsaw and developing lower back pain!
Have you got any more to add to the list?!
This didn’t start out as a promotion but if you find you have injured yourself over the lockdown, the ABC Physio Clinic is still running so please get in contact.   (I must book in for a massage!)
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