Now before all your cricket fans out there get your eyes and ears open and alert, I am in fact referring to Melbourne, Australia, where Steven K started a new job and he and his family moved out there just before hte start of our indoor season.

He writes:_

It’s been a Fantastic Summer season. Which starts October and goes to late April. 
I am playing with MCC Bowls club. 
They are are a big club in Melbourne with over 500 members represented in all 8 divisions (8 Teams) of the Victoria Pennant league . The top division is on live on TV on Saturdays. 
I just won the my first club comp the MCC Chairman’s trophy ? and also in the final of the handicap singles. 
When I joined MCC bowls club in December.  After my first roll up. The top players at the club told me I needed to buy larger size bowls as Size 1 bowls in Australia will get blown away by the hot wind. 
So I bought Henselite Dreamline XG Size 3. 90% of the club use these type of bowls. They are a wider bias then my previous bowls. I have Attached a photo of my new bowls. Also attached a picture of me with my team before a Saturday afternoon pennant game. 
It’s been a dry hot summer. Only rained once in 12 Pennant games on a Saturday. MCC have 4 greens. 3 Grass and 1 synthetic. Grass run at 15 seconds which is enjoyable. 

I don’t think ANYONE has ever told us that Size 1 bowls will get blown away in the wind – hot or otherwise!  They do get covered in a lot omore mud etc. as they have to do more rotations to get to the jack than larger bowls.

I’ve added the photo from Windsor & Eton taken on Good Friday.  No bowling action, just a willing volunteer touching up the paintwork.  We play W&E at Cambridge Park on Saturday 7th May – don’t forget to sign up for the matches on the noticeboard!

Other news from members – Andy Hawes joined us indoors this season from Croydon thanks to a recommendation by Andy Docker.  Andy H plays outdoors at Parsons Green but I don’t believe we have a fixture with them this year.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank you and everyone at Cambridge park for the warm welcome I received upon joining.
I have throughly enjoyed playing at CP this past indoor season and look forward to doing so again in the next.
I’m sure I will see a few of you over the outdoor season but if I could just ask you to pass on my thanks to everyone I would be extremely grateful.
Thanks, Andy.  We have enjoyed playing with you and look forward to seeing you again at the end of September, if not before.
Roy E passes on his best wishes and regards to everyone at the Club.  He is now recuperating from surgery and it will be a while before he gets back on the green but that is his aim before the outdoor season disappears!  Hopefully there will be some news from Trevor this week as to when he says we can open the green.
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