The News that Keeps Giving!

As hinted on Tuesday, Audrey was indeed knocking on the Middlesex Colts’ Badge door and it has been opened, confirming that she had accumulated enough points over the years up to 2019 to receive her badge at a special County game on 14th July at Fordbridge Park.  Congratulations to another ‘Red Coat’!


Good luck to Kevin, Sarah, Lucy, Ange, Jean, Nadine, Jacquie, Marie and Dawn in their competitions today as well as Richard Duke and partner in the Pairs.  Anyone else playing that I’ve missed?

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    • Dawn Slaughter says:

      Good luck, Kevin and partner! Let us know how you and Richard get on today.
      Kevin L won his Unbadged match and Ange and I have just won our Pairs.

      • kevin keown says:

        Thanks Dawn,

        We lost to Rob Hackwell/Andy Bennett in our Middx Pairs but Richard Duke and John Eve had a great win against another pair from Ashford!

        Triples tonight (Friday) v Kevin/Norman/Steve in the pouring rain.

  1. kevin keown says:

    Sorry Dawn, Triples postponed until 1pm Thursday 24th June. Mutually agreed by Steve G and I at 4pm following torrential rain all day. We were concerned about safety of players on what could have been a waterlogged and slippery green. Ironically it stopped raining shortly after we agreed to postponement. Whether it would have been safe to play nobody knows!

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