The Season Warms Up … Unlike the Weather

Brrr.  It was very cold at 4.30 am and I wasn’t even outside!   Maybe it’s time to put something higher than a 6 Tog duvet on the bed?

On the bowls front, people have been rolling up during the mornings and during the evenings and getting practice in for the midweek leagues and upcoming matches, particularly this weekend.

On Saturday, the Men play Egham in the Denny Cup and the Ladies play King George Field in the Yetton Trophy.  All four rinks will be in action at Cambridge Park and two rinks of each of our teams will be playing at Egham and King George Field respectively.  Play starts at 10.00 am and supporters are very welcome at all venues.

On Sunday it’s the Top Club against Hounslow – at their green.  Unlike the outdoor competitions, the EIBA’s version has a Men’s and Ladies’ Two Bowl Singles, a Mixed Pair, a Mixed Triple and a Mixed Four.  A win in 3 disciplines secures the match but of course if either the pair, triples or four draw after 18 ends, it could come down to shots.

In all of the above competitions, it’s very important that we score as many shots as possible.  This means getting nearer to the jack than any of our opponents’ bowls whether they are an inch or a foot from the jack.  Oh, this game is so simple… in theory.  Executing the simpleness is another matter!  It’s tough on the teams playing away on different greens – both Egham and King George Field are quite a bit longer than Cambridge Park.  Pace at KGF is slower than CP but Egham would be on a par so each player will have to adapt and find the green as soon as they can.  Team bonding isimportant too to encourage and spur each other on.

On Sunday afternoon, we have our second mixed friendly (we lost v KGF on Wednesday 1.5-2.5 rinks) and it’s good that we have some new members joining the teams for this at Egham.

We wish all the teams good luck for tomorrow!

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