Three-Way Triples – The Results!

We were given a warm welcome by the Strawberry Hill Bowls Cub Captain Ann B and her team. Luckily the drizzle didn’t deter any of us, managing to complete the 18 ends. The final outcome of all three clubs ( each match the cores were rolled over onto the next match). It was a close match between Cambridge Park & Teddington In each of the three matches, but Cambridge Park managed to pull it off, and finally won by 5 Points.
The WINNER – Cambridge Park BC
 RUNNER-UP – Teddington BC
 3rd PLACE – Strawberry Hill BC
We gave each club a certificate yesterday, this will soon be followed by an engraved Trophy. The Trophies will be presented to the three Captains at Cambridge Park Bowls Club before the end of the outdoor season. I would like to thank all players from the three clubs for their donations to cover the costs for the Trophies & engraving.
Thanks for everyone for taking place in this Competition.
Keep safe

PS  Well done and thanks to Audrey for organising the competition.  Perhaps you will repeat in 2021?!

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