Top of the Class!

Well done to the girls yesterday for winning their Top Club match v Bush Hill Park by 3-1 (as well as on shots).

The morning started with very heavy rain and the start was delayed until 11.00, then 11.30 when we good get on the green which had been fitted with ‘bumper’ mats so as not to ruin the surface.  This also meant we had a fixed mat position which isn’t always helpful when you’re trying to do something different when chasing shots.

Having been glued to the Olympics, Cathy’s Four with Janice, Marie & Audrey shot off the mat and had a very comprehensive win, never once being in danger.  Sarah & Lucy dived in and took a comprehensive lead untill the 14th end when their opponents put in some freestyle shots and crept back up.  Fortunately not enough to reach the edge of green before Sarah & Lucy.

Jean with Margaret and Ange had a bit of a marathon with hurdles.  They kept neck and neck with their opponents, until BHP cleared a couple more hurdles and went into the lead with only a few ends to go.  Ange managed to get into the inside lane taking the jack back for 3 and the triples got themselves over the finishing line with a last end dash taking a 14-12 win.

Alas, my horse (bowls) and I didn’t bond well enough and though the come back started from a long way behind, my opponent managed to shoot on target more quickly than I which set her off into the final laps with a clear lead and I came way down on points for the silver medal.

Had the triples not won, we would have still won on overall shots which just goes to show how important it is to keep shots or stop opponents getting more than one.

This afternoon at 2.00 pm, Jean & Nadine head over to Ashford to play the MIddlesex Pairs final.  We wish them good luck.  Get a Gold for Cambridge Park, girls!


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