A Good Win!

Lovely morning from the start today.  Hooray!

The teams had a very good match yesterday afternoon v Shopland Select with fund raising for their local charity for the viusally impaired.   Hefty wins on 3 rinks led Ken Shopland to say they had enjoyed “the lesson they had been given” and “we’ll be taking those lessons on board when we play Grattons next Sunday!”

Some days  you can, some days you can’t and yesterday all of our team played well throughout the afternoon.

In the morning the National Mixed Fours between Peter, Kevin, Ange & Di v Laurence, Mike, Tina & Dawn was played to a good standard with the latter coming through.  To be honest, Peter and Kevin played some brilliant bowls and were unlucky in the result – near miss, a slight nick.  If those shots had come off, it would probably have been even more tighter.

Alas, Steve & Tricia fell to the same fate as Gym & Dawn did when they played Yasmina Hasan & Martin Payne in the National Mixed Pairs last night.  Yasmina is young lady who will go far in both indoor and outdoor bowls (she is currently studying law at uni and has been playing bowls for 10 years already!).  Martin has had some great single results so far this season and his new, almost dayglo, orange bowls certainly seem to do nearly all he requests of them.  Good players and we will keep an eye on their progress.


Morning roll ups every day this week between 10.00 and 12.00.  Leagues as scheduled.

New Roll up session on Tuesday 2.00 – 4.00 pm – turn up if you’d like to play.

Afternoon roll up on Saturday at 2.00 pm after the Men’s Denny Plate match at 10.00 am

Keep an eye on the bookings page as more and more national comps get slotted in.

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