“Ain’t it a glorious day ….”

“Bright as a morning in May.

I wish that I could fly.

‘ave you ever the grass so green

or a bluer sky?

Oh, it’s a jolly ‘oliday with Margaret/Beryl/Jims/Gerry/Norman/Nadine/Anns/Terry/Ange/Sarah/Lucy/Peters/Richards/Kevins/Mikes/Jeans/Rons/Archie/Ians/Gym/Gordon/Laurence/Steves/Tricia/Barry/Teresa/Tina/Jonathan/Johns/Brendas/Eileens/Val/Brians/Daves/Davids/Bobs/Frances/Gill/anyone and everyone !

OK, so it’s not a holiday with Mary Poppins and Bert, just another day in lockdown but one much nearer freedom and the sun is shining for the second day in a row. Hooray!  Let’s get out and top up the Vitamin D and meet a friend for exercise and coffee!

Good to see Steve G on the towpath en route to coffee on Friday and Gym doing some hoeing work at the club on Saturday and Ange after her clinic.  Any more CP member sightings?

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