Alexa Banned to the Naughty Corner

As mentioned yesterday morning, there were two Middlesex County Triples comp matches last night.  At 5.10 pm, I asked Alexa what was the weather forecast and whether it would rain.  Temperature was 12 dropping to 7 C and no rain until 8.00 pm.

She was wrong.  Wrong big time!  Almost at 6.00 pm to the dot when we started, the rain started.  By 7.30 pm, it was relatively bright skies (albeit cloudy) everywhere except above Cambridge Park Bowls Club!  Ann, Nadine and Cathy’s opponents conceded when the heavy rain started and they were too many shots behind to catch up.

Sarah, Ange and Dawn didn’t get off to a great start and plodded on being 4-13 down after 8 ends.  Oops.  A played for (but in all honesty fairly lucky), Dawn’s bowl took out the shot bowl giving us a 4.  We were off.  The rain wasn’t off at all!  We crawled our way back to take the lead and, on the final end, Marion B’s final delivery saw her slip onto her bottom, the hail came down and having looked at the head whilst getting battered by the hail, it was decided it was just one shot either way on a close measure.  As Sarah, Ange and Dawn were 18-15 up, one shot did not make a difference to the result, and we made it through.

Next round 1st June for both Triples.

We will not know how to play in warm, sunny weather! …. when it eventually arrives.

Alexa is now in the naughty corner!

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