Balaclavas, Sunshine and Immunity

It is feeling like a day when a balaclava would be a good option of headwear!  However, the sun is shining and if you manage to get out for even a short while, it should help your Vitamin D levels (although not as much as in the summer months!

Did anyone else besides Isle of Wight Ron and myself watch the BBC1 programme at 9.00 pm last night “The Truth about Boosting Your Immune System”.  We both thought it was very good.  There was quite a lot of science (unsurprisingly) but it was well balanced on tips that we can all follow to help keep our immune systems in top tip condition, with a few minor changes to normal routines.  It’s worth a watch on iPlayer.

One other night was a foodie one looking at carbon footprints of various food stuffs.  It was interesting unless you’re a beef eater and cheese lover.  In season British/locally sourced food items have a low carbon footprint, but the out-of-season asparagus flown from Peru wasn’t – although Sara Pascoe did say it was delicious!

Wrap up warmly when you head outside at 8.00 pm tonight to “Clap for Heroes”.  They need all the positive vibes we can send them.



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