Bank Holiday Saturday

Kevin sent us the Royal British Legion standard bearer video which is on yesterday’s post.  He also updated us on the Hampton crew and all are well.  Bill & Pauline even managed to escape for a walk.  Escape from Colditz version 2?!

Did you see the flypast?  I heard but couldn’t see the planes.  Still, I managed to enjoy Sarah H’s road flypast

That plane was a good buy!

Were you all celebrating?  Did Tony O make it to ‘his wall’ I wonder?

I made some scones and left a plate full for a colleague along with a Wartime Carrot Cake recipe.  Her daughter 10 is supposed to be studying and writing something about VE Day. Let’s just say, it’s not going very well.  It’s not easy home schooling children especially after 7 weeks and with 5 people in their flat, there’s not a lot of room for peace and quiet – for any of them.

Another colleague sent photos from her front garden.  She seemed to have moved the whole living room suite outside to the front garden and she and her family were enjoying their celebration tea with neighbours in their front gardens!

Right.  Off to do some gardening.

Keep me updated with your news and don’t forget if you’d like a portion of Beef Stifado cooked by Ange, let her know by tomorrow morning  Delivery on Wednesday



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