Bank Holiday Sunday

Well the girls are off to Hendon this morning for their Top Club match v Wanstead (representing Essex).  Wish us luck!

10.30 start if anyone wants to come along and support us.

I caught a little bit of the Rush for Gold on Channel 4 last night.  Another British husband and wife winning golds in the cycling events.  Such an amazing achievement.  Our swimmers did really well too.  It just goes to show what practice, training and hard work can achieve!

Up at Leamington today, the Middlesex Ladies Senior Fours from North London are playing at 9.30 am.  For those of you remember Steve Stockley (Putney Town then Hurlingham Park), he is playing in the DBE Singles at 3.30 pm.  Steve and Kay moved to Hampshire from Middlesex within the last 18 months.  Steve, an excellent bowler, lost a lower leg a few years ago but as soon as the prostethic was made and appropriate bowling shoe, he has been back on the green.  Another great achievement.  I’m hoping to make it to Leamington in time for tea, Steve and hopefully our Middlesex Senior Fours team in action!

The Club AGM will be on Thursday 30th September.  Time to be advised.  If you’re near the clubhouse, please sign up for daytime or evening preference.  If you can’t get there, please let Ange know your preferred time.

The Potters paperwork will be out at the weekend.  It’s taken a while to get my head around all the figures and adjustments from 2020, so apologies for the delay.


Enjoy the Bank Holiday Weekend whatever you’re doing!

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