Beside the Lake, Between the Trees, Fluttering and Dancing in the Breeze

OK, he was beside the lake and between the trees but George H wasn’t exactly fluttering and dancing!  Good to catch up with him unexpectedly in the Woodlands Garden in Bushy Park.  There were lots of daffodils dacing and fluttering but still loads to come out.

The gardeners (including Mike Brown?) have taken out a lot of the wild rhododenrons as they were prone to fungi which was destroying other plants.  The areas where they were are to be replanted.  It was a bit early for the cultivated rhododendrons and azaleas but there were camelias.  They’re doing well so far this year.

However, despite lack of a lot of colour, it was still a very pretty walk and, if you start at the Hampton Court end, the treat is the Pheasantry Cafe which was doing a great trade in hot drinks, pizzas, cakes, toasted sandwiches etc.  There are also loos open (essential after walking past the running streams!).  I joined the queue to be told it was the men’s queue and ladies could go straight in.  How often are those roles reversed?  I can’t think of any.

This morning seems bright and sunny but the weather girl on Virgin Radio wasn’t giving a very uplifting forecast for the rest of the week, so maybe today would be a good day to get out and enjoy that tea/coffee with a friend, wherever you are.

Roll on the day when we can enjoy tea/coffee etc. with a friend after a game of bowls.  The restriction ends are tantalasingly close but still too far away!

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