Billy Cotton Band Show – Remember?


Weather forecast is really good for today and the weekend, so make the most of your daily exercise and get outside.  Take your own mug and get a take-away coffee/tea.  Some shops reduce the drink charge if you have your own mug.

I’m not sure if the cafe roughly where Richmond Ice Rink was is still open, but the two at the bottom of Richmond Bridge both are; the Stables at the far side of Marble Hill Park is open and the usual chain coffee shops are open.  You can usually find a seat somewhere along with river.  It’s good to sit and people/dog watch as it doesn’t feel so lonely.  In another 10 days, you can meet with a friend for your coffee and cake/sausage roll.

Another good reason to get out is that the daffodils, snow drops and crocuses are now opening up.  Spring is on the way and it’s great to recharge the old batteries in some sunshine.  You’ll still need a fleece at least.  On the down side, if you venture into your garden, you’ll notice those dreaded weeds also realising its springtime but also a good time to check on the trees and shrubs to see what could do with a bit of pruning.


* “Wakey wakey” was a surprising catchphrase for a lunchtime radio show!  I didn’t realise that presenter Fearne Cotton was related to Billy – his great niece.  A useless piece of trivia which is unlikely to come up in a pub quiz!

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