Cheese on Toast Anyone?


Good to hear everyone (or nearly everyone) clapping last night.  My flat is in a higgeldy piggeldy complex so the balcony looks over part of a communal garden and the front door is over some of the garages.  There were a few of us looking over the back and clapping but then I went to see if any of the neighbours were out the other side.  Just one.  However, the carer for the retired priest opposite was just leaving on her bike, so the other chap and I clapped her as she cycled off yelling thank you through her mask!  These people are so important to us and we can’t thank them enough.

I was chatting to Ange and reminiscing on those panic-stricken weekends with the match food during the indoor season.  She had been to Costco in the afternoon and bought some food to cook and stock up her freezer.  She said the store was well organised and there was a good supply of food, so …..

…. if anyone is sick to death of cheese on toast for the umpteenth day on the trot and would fancy a homemade Cottage Pie, she will make up individual portions at her home and deliver one to you, leaving it on the doorstep safely wrapped.  Of course if all 200 members immediately stick their hands up, we will have a problem!  However, I know some of you living on your own may like something home cooked for a change and Ange is a good cook, so please email or ring me and between us, we will see what we can organise.  We think we could do this once a week if we’re allowed to do so.  Minimal cost – to be sorted when we’ve all been let out to roam free.

Even if you’re fine for food and deliveries (Ange, Scott, Suzy & I can still help – again if we’re allowed to), don’t forget to phone-a-friend-a-day.  Remember the BT slogan “It’s good to talk!” not the other one “I’ll get your mother”!


Oh, roll on the outdoor season but I hope come June/ July it doesn’t start raining!



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