Christmas Jumper Day!

Today, Friday 11th December is Christmas Jumper Day in aid of Save the Children.  Several people across the country are seen in festive attire to have fun whilst raising funds for children who need help in the way of food, clothing, home etc.

Peter & Gill Chapman are also fund-raising for Cancer Research.  A video of their Christmas lights is on our Facebook page.  (I can’t get the file to download on here …. at the moment!)

This has been a hard year mainly due to the pandemic on top of ordinary life.  If you can spare 10p, 50p £1, £5 for these fund raisers or a donation of food at your local shop’s foodbank, someone somewhere will be thankful of your kindness.

There is a great joy in giving whether it be time, a present or a donation, even feeding the birds.  Acts of kindness cannot be underestimated in their value.

Maybe by next year we’ll be able to give each other a hug too and we all know how good that feels!

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